Construction equipment is built to be used in harsh and dirty environments. Particulates and solid contaminants in your engine oil can cause severe wear and requires ceaseless oil and filter changes. Unlike ordinary full-flow filters, PuraDyn Bypass Oil Filtration technology helps to reduce wear and tear on your engine by continuously cleaning your engine’s oil and removing contaminates which enter through the air intake. PuraDyn oil filtration keeps engine oil clean and extends the amount of time between oil and oil filter changes. Find PuraDyn at any of Komatsu Equipment Company’s locations throughout Utah, Wyoming and Nevada today!

PuraDyn oil filters also work with hydraulic systems, where water is the most common contaminate. PuraDyn oil filtration can keep hydraulic oil clean and reducing wear and cutting back on maintenance costs.


• Safely extended oil changes

• Reduce frictional engine wear

• Reduce the cost of oil changes and maintenance

• Reduced machine downtime/improve productivity

• Maintain additive levels well within acceptable limits

• Improved oil circulation

• Decrease sludge and varnish depositsOil Filtration System

• Cooler running engines and/or equipment

• More efficient engines

The puraDYN Oil Filtration System has been certified as a Pollution Prevention technology by the California Environmental Protection Agency.

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