Indeco North America product line includes hydraulic breakers, boom mounted plate compactors, non-impact demolition attachments, stationary breaking systems, and steel shears. Indeco has been building its reputation as a leading manufacturer of hydraulic demolition attachments for over 20 years, by building the most reliable hydraulic attachments in the industry.

Indeco Breakers come in a variety of sizes from 180 to 16,000 ft.ld energy class, for applications from rock demolition to pipeline and highway jobs. Indeco also makes the largest breaker in the world…an amazing 25,000 ft.ld energy class. All breakers are designed to attach your brand of excavator, loader backhoe, mini-excavator, skid-steer loader, and stationary boom-mount system. Komatsu Equipment Company stocks Indeco equipment at our branches in WY, UT and NV.


  • 3-YEAR WARRANTY (HP200 – HP1800 models)
  • Anti-Blank Fire Technology
  • Dual Shock Absorber Systems
  • Field-Replaceable Lower Insert Bushing
  • Low Operating Pressure
  • Automatic Speed and Power Variance
  • Power Greasing System
  • Quiet Operation
  • Single In-body Accumulator

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Indeco Hammers