Expander System

Expander System

No More Line Boring

No more pivot wear – Guaranteed! Line Boring is no longer needed with Expander Pivot Pin System. Replace any pivot pin on any heavy duty machine. Get the Expander pivot pins here at Komatsu Equipment, a certified dealer for Expander System.

Pivot Pin System

Expander System is a permanent solution for both small and large mechanical pivots. Equally effective and reliable in both construction and mining machinery.

Quality from design to installation

Expander System is available in all sizes, for all machine types. Expander System has over 20 years of research and development behind their state-of-the-art 3D CADEX system and the product range they offer today. Each Expander System is installed, tested and approved for its specific application.

How it Works

Expander How it Works

A. Expander System is installed directly into the existing mounting without expensive welding or line boring.

B. The washer presses the sleeve onto the tapered section of the expander bolt.

C. The sleeve expands in the worn lugholes in parallel and eliminates all play.

D. Double-sided locking gives increased safety.

E. East to remove and reinstall.

Expander System can custom make any application you need. Contact your Komatsu Equipment PSSR for details.

How Expander System saves you money

Eliminate line boring. Traditional repairs mean higher labor costs, downtime and in some cases, a replacement machine and still, the problem will recur. Expander System is by far the easiest and most economical way to solve the problem of pivot wear. And best of all – it’s fast and it’s permanent. The double-sided locking ensures stability and safety. Fitting and dismounting is usually done on-site. Many machine owners replace conventional pins with the Expander System to prevent further wear and eventual breakdown. If the pivot is lubricated according to the machine manufacturer’s specification, the Expander System is likely to outlast the machine.

Expander Saves Money

The missing link. Expander System was originally designed to solve recurring service problems of pivot lug wear. More and more machine manufacturers are now realizing the importance of lowering the Life Cycle Cost (LCC) of their machinery. Pivot wear is a common problem that cannot be solved without disassembling the machine and line boring the pivot lugs. This process is both expensive and time consuming.

Solve the problem and save money now! The Expander System is a simple, cost effective solution for pivot wear. It is installed directly into the existing mounting without expensive welding or line boring. The total cost is lower than traditional repair methods regardless of the machine or manufacturer. To see in Hard Dollars just how much you will save, use the Hard Dollar Savings Calculator on the Expander System web site.

Original components that increases value, image and competitiveness. A guaranteed and rewarding investment. The Expander System pays off at the first repair. The cost for the impending repairs, normal recurring maintenance charges with traditional fastening methods, are completely eliminated by the permanent solution. With the Expander System you are making a rewarding investment; repayment is already made on installation! A guaranteed and rewarding investment.

For more information, visit the Expander System web site or contact your Komatsu Equipment PSSR for details.